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Though this neighborhood is adjacent to the 1860s and 1870s portions of Old Town Chicago, Douglas Park and Broadway, its development didn’t begin until decades later. Major portions of the Longview neighborhood were held by Bailey Davenport, mayor of Rock Island during the Civil War and son of George Davenport. He stubbornly held title to the land during his lifetime, causing many in his day to accuse him of impeding growth in the city. In the 20 years that followed Bailey Davenport’s death, his estate was sold and transformed into the residential neighborhood we now know as Longview. The homes that were constructed range in style from Queen Anne to front gambrel Colonial Revivals. Many of the homes are modest in scale, but not without ornamentation.

A portion of Bailey’s property, known as Bailey’s Pasture, was put up for auction and purchased by four local businessmen. These men, in turn, donated the land to the city for use as a public park, which later became Longview Park. O.C. Simonds, a nationally known landscape architect from Chicago, was hired to prepare the site plan. The result was a breathtaking landscape of rolling hills and winding walks on the Mississippi River bluff. Remnants of that landscape are visible still today in this large community park that is home to the new Whitewater Junction Family Aquatic Center.

This neighborhood has a long history of community involvement. Today, the neighborhood is represented by the West End Neighborhood Association, but other community-building entities have included the block clubs and watch groups of the Community Caring Conference, Church of Peace, Greater Antioch Baptist Church, Hope House, Longview Community Mobilization Project and the Longview Neighborhood Coalition. Longview Neighborhood is one of the three neighborhoods that comprise the West End Neighborhood.


The Longview Neighborhood is bounded by 16th Street on the east, 11th Street on the west, 7th Avenue on the north and 18th Avenue on the south.

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