Black Hawk Neighborhood

Rolling Hills and Deep Ravines Create Unique Streetscapes

This south-central neighborhood in Rock Island gets its name from its proximity to Black Hawk State Historic Site. Not to be confused with Black Hawk Park West, this larger, 46-block neighborhood encompasses several defined areas and subdivisions.

Although sections of the neighborhood were built up as early as the 1920s, the area was not completely infilled until the 1970s. The oldest housing in the neighborhood is bracketed on the east and west. The east side has the Cape Cod cottages of the Blackhawk Hills subdivision, while the west has a variety of early 20th century homes. Blackhawk Neighborhood also features many high-end split-level and modern homes.

The Bridgeway Addition is found north of Blackhawk Road and along 27th Street. It was platted and started in 1942 with the construction of fifteen homes. River Heights Addition can be found at 40th Avenue between 24th and 30th Streets. This 150 unit planned addition was built in 1946. Rock River Heights is located at 40th Avenue between 24th and 30th Streets and is a 120 unit planned addition that was constructed in 1947. The Suncrest Addition located at 24th Street and 31st Avenue, dates back to 1942 and demonstrates the first time that a housing plat intermixed a finite number of house designs in a large-scale curvilinear housing plat. Second Wooded Hills found between 14th and 17th Streets and 35th Avenue is a 40 unit, “S” curved street, which displays a mix of Cape Cod and minimal traditional houses.

Located in the southern portion of main Rock Island, Black Hawk State Historic Site consumes one-fourth of the area of Black Hawk Neighborhood and provides a beautiful and relaxing place to hike, picnic, and bike. This wooded park is surrounded by small neighborhoods that are set into the rising and falling landscape. The wooded, winding streets provide for a very scenic drive.


The Black Hawk Neighborhood is bounded by 12th and 30th Streets and 31st Avenue and the Rock River.

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