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Neighborhood Wraps Around the Augustana Campus

The hilly terrain of this area makes for an interesting physical landscape. The tree-lined streets are an inviting element that provides shade in the summer, beautiful leaves in the fall, and a resting place for snow in the winter. There is a linkage of ravine systems along the bluff line through the Augustana College campus to the Hauberg Estate and Longview Park. Significant portions of the bluff line are not buildable due to the steep topography. Between 12th and 14th Avenues, the topography begins to flatten.

The housing in the neighborhood is mainly single-family detached residences, along with a few duplexes. However, many of the homes have been converted to apartments and there are also dormitories on the college campus. Architectural styles mainly include Bungalow, Minimal Traditional, Tudor Revival, Queen Anne, and Cape Cod. The newest structures are the single family homes and condos in the College Hill subdivision where the former St. Mary of Angel's Convent was located.

Residences in this neighborhood are conveniently located near College Hill District.


College Circle literally circles the Augustana College campus, from 5th Avenue on the north to 14th Avenue on the south, then 38th Street is the eastern border and the western border is 25th Street.

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