Central Neighborhood

Heart of the City

Central Neighborhood’s topography is extremely varied. There are very steep hills combined with areas of extreme flatness. Within its borders you will find Chippiannock Cemetery. This charming wooded cemetery provides a picturesque place to take a quiet stroll.

The neighborhood construction largely spanned from the 1920s to the 1970s, but there is new development occurring near Chippiannock Cemetery. Large areas of this neighborhood were built up during and after World War II to house war defense workers and returning GIs. Bungalows and Minimal Traditional style homes dominate the north end of the neighborhood, evolving into the popular Ranch and Split-Level homes to the south.

Large subdivisions include Weisman's Subdivision, Washington Park, 2nd Washington Park, South Lawn, South Hill, Burgart's Additions, Stafford's Addition, and McMillan Courts.


Central Neighborhood is bounded by 18th Avenue on the north, 31st Avenue on the south, 12th Street on the west and 30th Street on the east.

Wards 3 & 4

Plans & Publications

Neighborhood Association


Neighborhood Programs & Activities


Public Facilities

  • Chippiannock Cemetery
  • Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery
  • Jordan Catholic School
  • Rock Island County Health Department
  • Trinity Medical Center

Historic Register Properties in the Neighborhood

  • Chippiannock Cemetery (Individual National Register)