Douglas Park Neighborhood

Bungalow Community with Long History

Development in this neighborhood spanned 120 years, from the 1830s to the 1950s. The oldest part of the neighborhood has lots that parallel the Mississippi River, developed mainly in the 19th century. However, the majority of Douglas Park neighborhood was built between 1900 and 1919, featuring many small bungalows. Although Century Woods Apartments complex is located in Douglas Park, single-family residences overwhelmingly dominate the neighborhood.

The Douglas Park neighborhood is named after the very large baseball park located at the south end of the neighborhood. The colorful and significant past of this baseball park, constructed in 1904, has included minor league professional baseball, amateur baseball, professional football and even the International Softball Congress World Tournament.

The 11th Street and 18th Avenue commercial corridors border the neighborhood. The neighborhood has a high concentration of new housing starts in Habitat Park.

Douglas Park neighborhood residents form part of the triumvirate that makes up the West End Neighborhood.


The Douglas Park Neighborhood is bounded by the Rock Island Parkway on the west, 11th Street on the east, 7th Avenue on the north and 18th Avenue on the south.

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