11th Street

Making “Cents” of 11th Street

This planning effort by the Rock Island Planning and Redevelopment Division incorporated a new concept - the Citizen’s Idea Fair. Organizers gathered input from more than 300 participants at a fun-filled event in August 1998 on topics related to public safety, shopping, business and niche market development, diversity, transportation, and aesthetics. These ideas were crafted into strategies to improve the 3.5-mile corridor. Key strengths for 11th Street include the redevelopment incentives, major transportation corridor, diversity of population and building stock, and strong community interest and concern.

Vision for the Area

The vision is to create:
  • A safe place to live and shop
  • A commercial corridor that provides retail goods and services to serve the immediate market as well as destination shopping for more distant customers
  • A collection of commercial, industrial, office, and residential neighborhoods that recognizes and celebrates diversity of income, race, gender, age, education, and other human qualities
  • A safe and efficient place to walk and drive

11th Street Plan

11th Street Neighborhood Plan cover
  • Area: 11th Street, from Second to 51st avenues
  • Pages: 28
  • Year Printed: 1999
  • PDF Version: Download the 11th Street Plan (10.4 MB)
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  • Cost: Free