Building Permit - Residential

Building Permits

Residential - New Structure, Additions, and Remodels

Permit required when erecting new structures and when adding to or modifying existing structures on a commercial/industrial/multi-family property

The length of time it takes to issue a residential permit varies on the complexity of the project.

Application Requirements

  • Permit Application (either form below as applicable)
  • New Construction Permit Application
    This permit is required when erecting new structure on a residential property. New structures include but are not limited to: new homes, garages, pole barns, sheds (over 200 sq ft), fences (over 6 feet), retaining walls (4 feet or higher from the footing).
  • Addition/Remodel Permit Application
    This permit is required when adding onto or modifying any existing residential structure. Remodels include any alterations or repairs to the existing structure including but not limited to siding (in excess of one square), windows, doors, soffit, facia, drywall, egress windows, basement waterproofing, etc.
  • Plan Submittals

    Please use this Plan Submittal Guide as a checklist to ensure a timely review. Additional details or submittals may be required by the Building Official.

    The owner or anyone they choose may draw the plans as long as they are clear and detailed enough to indicate what and how the project will be built. In some cases, the complexity of the project, which may include engineered calculations and techniques not specifically addressed by code, will require the skills of a professional.


    Persons doing permitted work are expected to know when inspections are required. Necessary inspections may vary greatly based on the scope or work being done. Please keep communications open with the appropriate Inspector.

    For a list of required inspections please view the Inspection Division handout:
    Remember, if the items needing inspection are covered without inspection, the permit holder will be required to expose these items through any means necessary, at the expense of the applicant.