A roofing permit is required whenever replacement/repairs exceed 100 square feet.

Application for Permit

  • Roofing Permit Application form
    (Application must be completed and signed by Owner or Registered Contractor as applicable)
    (Submit complete description of the scope of work)
  • Permit Fees
  • All contractors must be registered with the City of Rock Island

State Law
The State of Illinois requires that any person performing roofing work and being paid for it must hold State of Illinois Roofing License.
Unlimited License
For any Commercial, Industrial roofing permits, roofing contractor must show proof of an “unlimited” State of Illinois roofing license.

Roofing Requirements:

All roofing must be done in compliance according the building codes as adopted and amended by the City.

Truss Work

Two sets of plans must be submitted for approval and must bear the seal of an Illinois Structural Engineer or Architect.


  • When re-roofing, a maximum of two layers of roof shingles or other coverings are permitted.
  • If the first layer is severely damaged, cracked, uneven or buckled, then it is not recommended to lay a second layer over the first.
  • The roof must be able to support the weight of multiple layers before installing additional shingles over the existent layer


In the event that the sheathing must be replaced then the minimum must be installed per code.


  • All decking replacements must be made with the exact same material and thickness as existing or better.


Must be installed to manufacturers instructions.


To effectively seal against entry of water, flashing is required at roof/wall intersections, at points of change in slope or direction, and around roof openings or penetrations.

Ice & Water Shield

Ice and Water Shield is required and shall be installed from the drip edge (required) of the roof to a point not less than 24 inches inside the exterior wall line of the building.


Attic ventilation is required to be checked for the correct number of vents.


Persons doing permitted work are expected to know when inspections are required. Necessary inspections may vary greatly based on the scope or work being done. Please keep communications open with the appropriate Inspector.

For a list of required inspections please view the Inspection Division handout:

Remember, if the items needing inspection are covered without inspection, the permit holder will be required to expose these items through any means necessary, at the expense of the applicant.