Sign Permit

Required For All Sign Work

Application for Permit

  • Sign permit application form
    (Application must be completed and signed by Owner or Registered Contractor as applicable)
  • Permit Fees
  • Zoning Approval
  • All contractors must be registered with the City of Rock Island
  • Electric Permit as required when installing an electrical sign.

Permanent Signs Requiring Approval by the Zoning Official

  • A scaled drawing showing the lot and building(s) and structure(s) to which the sign(s) is/are to be attached or erected. The exact position of the sign(s) must be noted on the drawing, including the height of sign above grade, as applicable.
  • A scaled drawing or plan of the sign(s) showing construction details for the sign(s) including all dimensions including: letter sizes and styles, foundation and/or mounting materials, and sign height and width.
  • A concise description of the construction materials and colors of all sign components.
  • A detail of type and intensity of any lighting or illumination.

Temporary Signs Requiring Approval by the Zoning Official
  • A description of the location of the sign.
  • A date when the sign will be erected and when it will be removed.
  • A description of the type of sign, the sign materials, and the sign size (lighting of temporary signs is prohibited).


Persons doing permitted work are expected to know when inspections are required. Necessary inspections may vary greatly based on the scope or work being done. Please keep communications open with the appropriate Inspector.

For a list of required inspections please view the Inspection Division handout:
Remember, if the items needing inspection are covered without inspection, the permit holder will be required to expose these items through any means necessary, at the expense of the applicant.