Do I have to hire a licensed contractor to do work on my own home?
No, not if it is the owner’s primary residency. A homeowner who owns and occupies the house may do any or all work—building, plumbing, mechanical (heating and cooling), and electrical (except installation and medication of electrical service – this must be done by a licensed electrical contractor under permit). If the home owner and their agents are not sure of their abilities to do any or all of the work, it is recommended that they hire a licensed professional. Licensed trade contractors provide some assurance that they have adequate knowledge and training in the field(s) of their specialty.

Please Note: Properties in which the owner does not occupy/live in the home requires licensed contractors. Any work done by renters, landlords, their employees, or other persons who do not own and occupy the home must have an appropriate license or hire a licensed contractor.

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1. Do I have to hire a licensed contractor to do work on my own home?
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