Zoning & Land Use

Regulating Development & Redevelopment of City Land

The City has developed policies and ordinances to regulate the development and/or redevelopment of land in the City of Rock Island. The Comprehensive Plan is a policy document and Future Land Use Map approved by the City Council to direct decision making for future development in the City. The Future Land Use Map identifies locations within the City where different types of land uses (such as commercial, industrial, residential, and others) could be located.

City Zoning Designations

Each land parcel in the city has a zoning designation that identifies what specific type of land use can be located on that property. For example, there are seven residential zoning districts listed in the Zoning Ordinance that identify seven different types of residential uses ranging from single-family residential to multi-family residential uses. The Zoning Ordinance defines what land use can be located within each zoning district along with other regulations of how structures must be situated on a parcel of land. The Planning and Redevelopment Division administer the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan / Future Land Use Map and the Zoning Ordinance.