1918 Government Housing

1918 Government Housing Tour
This brochure first introduced the citizens of Rock Island to the unique historical and architectural story of the United States Housing Corporation Houses. These 200 homes were built in six months in 1918-1919 near the end of World War I for war defense workers. This brochure features elevations and floor plans from 1918 juxtaposed with examples of those homes today. In 2000, the City sponsored the creation of a historic preservation plan for these homes.
1918 Government Housing Brochure Cover
  • Area: 40th Street, 1500 Block
  • Pages: 20
  • Year Printed: 1990, Reprinted 2008
  • Structures Featured: 15
  • .PDF Version: Click on image to left. (may take several minutes to download)
  • Availability: Rock Island Public Library, Rock Island City Hall, Centennial Bridge Visitor Center (May-Sept)
  • Cost: Free