Historic Preservation

To Preserve Distinctive Historical, Architectural and Landscape Characteristics

The City of Rock Island’s mission to preserve the built environment and history of the community began in 1984 with the adoption of the Rock Island Preservation Ordinance and the creation of the Rock Island Preservation Commission. The purpose of the ordinance and the commission are to preserve distinctive historical, architectural and landscape characteristics of Rock Island, foster civic pride, stabilize and improve property values, foster and encourage rehabilitation of historic buildings, support heritage tourism, and ensure economic benefits are available from historic preservation. The City of Rock Island accomplishes these tasks by providing educational programs and activities; building awareness of important historic structures; seeking private and public funding in support of historic preservation; partnering with neighborhoods, advocates and agencies; and designating and regulating landmarks and local historic districts.
Since the establishment of Rock Island’s historic preservation program, countless decisions regarding the preservation of buildings in downtown and in neighborhoods have made Rock Island a community recognized for its character and heritage.