Chicago Addition

Chicago Addition Walking Tour

Old Town Chicago is the oldest of Rock Island’s neighborhoods, platted in 1836. Homes here date to the 1850s and the buildings tell the story of how shopkeepers lived near their stores. This tour features residences, churches, flats, and stores, all in close proximity. Located just blocks from the Mississippi River and downtown Rock Island, this neighborhood’s history is inextricably linked to both.
Chicago Addition Walking Tour Brochure Cover
  • Area: 2nd to 4th Avenues and 9th to 14th Streets, Old Town Chicago Neighborhood
  • Pages: 28
  • Year Printed: 1992
  • Structures Featured: 30
  • .PDF Version: Click on image to left.
  • Availability: Rock Island Public Library, Rock Island City Hall, Centennial Bridge Visitor Center
  • Cost: Free