Rock Island’s Modernistic Architecture

This is the only one of Rock Island’s architectural tours to focus exclusively on an architectural style. The City contains some fantastic Art Deco and Art Moderne architecture, and this tour takes you all over the city to appreciate it. Featured buildings range from residences and a theater to offices and a car dealership. Form follows function as the beauty of structure is highlighted in Centennial Bridge. Architectural details and the interiors of significant buildings are showcased in multiple photographs. Six pages of text are devoted to the evolution of the modernistic movement internationally, and in the Midwest in particular.
Rock Island Modernistic Architecture Brochure Cover
  • Area: City-wide
  • Pages: 50
  • Year Printed: 1997, Reprinted 2008
  • Structures Featured: 20
  • .PDF Version: Click on image to left.
  • Availability: Rock Island Public Library, Rock Island City Hall, Centennial Bridge Visitor Center
  • Cost: Free