Plumbing Contractor

Application for Plumbing Contractor Registration

The State of Illinois Contractor License and Registration expire in September and April, annually. New copies are required to be submitted to the Inspection Division in order to pull plumbing permits. Registration letters and forms are emailed the beginning of September. 

The following is required for Plumbing Contractor Registration:

State of Illinois Plumbing License

To perform plumbing work in the City of Rock Island and the State of Illinois, according to 225 ILCS 320/ Illinois Plumbing License Law (Public Act 92-338), plumbers are required to carry a Plumbing License and be a Registered Contractor with the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).

The Inspection Division MUST have a have a copy of the applicant’s Plumbing Contractor Registration Certificate (055-XXXXXX) and the Plumber's License (058-XXXXXX) for the person named on the Plumbing Contractor Registration application that is on file with the IDPH. These licenses/registrations expire in September and April of every year, so the applicant will need to supply the Inspection Division with new copies upon expiration. ALL plumbers and their apprentices on a job site must have their license with them at all times.


Persons doing permitted work are expected to know when inspections are required. Necessary inspections may vary greatly based on the scope or work being done. Please keep communications open with the appropriate Inspector.

For a list of required inspections please view the Inspection Division handout:

Remember, if the items needing inspection are covered without inspection, the permit holder will be required to expose these items through any means necessary, at the expense of the applicant.