50 / 50 Tree Program


Get a Tree Planted at Half-Price

The 50 / 50 Tree Program allows property owners to pay just 50% of the cost to have a new tree planted on the public right of way. This program is offered each year and will continue as long as sufficient funds are available.

Types of Trees Available

Trees will be planted in the fall or spring depending upon the species requested. The 50 / 50 Tree Program currently has 12 species from which to choose:
  • Amur maple
  • Columnar maple
  • Crimson king maple
  • Ginko biloba
  • Little leaf Linden
  • Pin oak
  • Red maple
  • Red oak
  • Shantung maple
  • Sugar maple
  • Thornless honey locust
  • Witch hazel
Additional species can be submitted for approval.

Applying Process

The following steps need to be taken to apply for the program:
  • Property owners must fill out an application.
  • Public Works Department staff will determine if the boulevard areas will accommodate the trees requested for participation in the program.
  • Job parameters and cost will be determined.
  • A bill will be sent to the property owner to cover 50% of the cost.
  • When the City has received payment from the property owner, the work will be scheduled with a private contractor hired by the City.