Snow / Ice Removal

Snow Plows in MSD Building

The Public Works Municipal Services Division has the primary responsibility for the removal of snow and ice from City streets, City-owned parking lots, and the Great River Plaza. The goal is to clear streets after a snowstorm has ended according to the following deadlines:

  • Snowfall less than two inches - 12 hours
  • Snowfall between 2-6 inches - 24 hours
  • Snowfall greater than six inches - 48 hours

Primary & Secondary Clearing Goals

Major emphasis is placed on primary streets and hills with secondary priority given to school areas. Residential streets are cleared when the primary and secondary streets are completed. The City does not clear snow and ice from alleys or residential sidewalks.

Parking on Emergency Snow Routes

If two or more inches of snow has fallen, parking is not allowed on marked snow routes until the snow is removed (Section 9-41 of the Rock Island Code of Ordinances). Vehicles parked in violation of this ordinance will receive a $35 parking ticket. Vehicles that remain in violation of this ordinance will be towed.