Landscape Workshop Transcripts

Landscape Workshop Speaker Transcripts:

“Historic Landscaping for the Urban Lot”
“Historic Landscaping for Urban Lot” was a workshop for those interested in preserving and appropriately enhancing the landscape setting around historic homes. The workshop focused on what was on the typical urban lot, the landscape gardening movements that influenced homeowners, and methods to either restore or create a period landscape setting. Landscape architect Dean Sheaffer addressed historic landscape methods. Robert Harvey, professor of landscape architecture at Iowa State University, spoke about plant types and settings for historical architectural styles from 1860 to 1920. Historical geographer Daryl Watson discussed the evolution of vernacular landscapes in Illinois. In the final stage of the workshop, participants went to the Fiebig House, a Rock Island Landmark, to design a period landscape. Several group efforts, along with critiques by Sheaffer, Harvey and Watson, are included with the transcripts.
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