Roots of Your Landscape

The Roots of Your Landscape:

A Guide to Evaluating and Researching Vintage Landscapes around Historic Properties
A hundred years ago, lawns and gardens were often as important as the house. Realizing this, many are now turning their attention to these historic landscapes. This booklet provides a frame of reference for that work: What styles were popular? What plants? And how have they changed through time? This booklet is not intended as a complete guide for museum restoration. Rather it is a starting point for those who wish to recapture the feel of an earlier landscape. The emphasis is on middle and working class families, the kind that built so much of Rock Island. Author Daryl G. Watson will show you how to find the roots of your home’s landscape – and in doing so, give you a greater appreciation of the forces that have shaped this historical environment.
Roots of Your Landscape Brochure Cover
  • Pages: 30
  • Year Printed: 1993
  • .PDF Version: Click on image to left.
  • Availability: Rock Island Public Library, Rock Island City Hall, Quad City Botanical Center
  • Cost: Free