City Council                                   

M. Robinson, Jr. R. Hurt, J. Gilbert, J. Swanson, Mayor Thoms, D. Parker, M. Poulos, B. Healy


  • 6:45 pm
  • Beginning in 2019, City Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. When there is a City legal holiday on the fourth Monday, the meeting will be held on the third Monday of the month. 
  • Council Chambers
    1528 Third Ave
    Rock Island, IL 61201
  • Calendar of Council Meetings                                                                              

Form of Government

The City of Rock Island is a council-manager form of local government, adopted in 1952, as a means to bring a professional, less-political approach to local government.

Council Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Mayor and City Council include:

  • Establishing policy direction for the City
  • Approving the City budget
  • Deciding on taxing levels to fund municipal services
  • Appointing a full-time City Manager with the responsibility to oversee city operations
  • Setting Council goals
  • Making decisions regarding the level of services provided to the citizens


The Rock Island City Council is comprised of seven council members given the title of Alderman. The council members serve four-year terms. Each council member represents one ward in Rock Island. Any individual wishing to be elected to represent one of the seven wards must live in that ward. For more information regarding your ward, download the ward map.