City Council Calendar of Meetings

  1. 2019 Council Meeting Dates
  2. 2019 Budget Meeting Date
  3. 2019 Goal Setting Session
January 14 January 28
February 11 February 25
March 11 March 25
April 8 April 22
May 13 May 20
June 10 June 24
July 8 July 22
August 12 August 26
September 9 September 23
October 14 October 28
November 11 November 25
December 9 December 16

On November 13, 2017, an ordinance was passed, amending the schedule of regular Council meetings. Beginning in January 2018, City Council will meet on the second and fourth Mondays of the month. In those months when the fourth Monday is a legal holiday, the meeting will be held instead on the third Monday. On December 10, 2018, an ordinance was passed amending the December Council meetings to the 2nd and 3rd Mondays of December.

Agenda and Minutes: The 2019 meeting Agendas with attachments and Minutes from the previous Council meeting will be available after 2:00 pm on the Thursday prior to each meeting at You can sign up on the City website home page to be notified when the agenda is published (via email or text).

When and Where: The City Council meetings are held at 6:45 pm in City Council Chambers on the third floor of Rock Island City Hall, 1528 Third Avenue. An elevator is conveniently located in the lobby. The meetings are open to the public; televised live on Cable Channel 9 (Public Access Channel); and streamed live on the City’s YouTube channel.

Anyone may attend a Council meeting. To speak on any topic, sign in on the sheet at the entrance to Council Chambers. You are asked to write your name, address and the topic you wish to address. You will be called on during the “Public Comment” after the Moment of Silence at the beginning of the meeting.

Please review the rules and guidelines for Public Comment. Copies of the Public Comment rules and guidelines are also next to the sign in sheet in the back of Council Chambers.

Copies of the printed agenda will be at the entrance to Council Chambers on Monday evening. The City Council may not vote on any issue that is not on the printed Agenda.