City Council Goal #4

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  • Be a intentional welcoming, inclusive community
  • Maintain safe neighborhoods
  • Upgrade neighborhood infrastructure: streets, sidewalks, utilities, facilities
  • Access to programs for childhood success
  • Increase residential opportunities
  • Have residents linked via neighborhood communication networks with each other and the City


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ACTION STEP 1: Promote Rock Island as a Safe Place to Live (Nine Votes)
​We need to promote and market Rock Island as a safe place to live. Neighborhood watch programs, police presence in high risk areas and promotion of security cameras and devices should be encouraged.
Support: J. Wild Marketing, Chamber, Police, Augustana
• CED staff would like to re-title this Goal as “Promote Rock Island as a great place to live.” Safety would be one aspect of a holistic message about what is good in Rock Island.
​- number of businesses that have opened
​- livability
​- trail system, parks, public art
​- health care
​- trauma center
​- history
​- many, many more

​• Rock Island needs to control its own narrative. - Good things happen - highlight them!

​• CED staff suggests a Mayor’s working group to help establish the narrative. - Work with media channels and community champions to share the message. - Identify specific areas of focus

​• Fall 2019 – Establish Mayor’s working group
​Fall 2019-Spring 2020 - Augustana class explores and makes recommendations for addressing safety needs in target neighborhoods

​• May, 2020 – Study Session with recommendations