City Council Goal #1

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• Take financially responsible actions creating a long-term sustainable City government.   Follow sound fiscal policies and maintain fund reserves consistent with defined City policies and national standards.
• Provide sufficient resources to support defined City services and service levels.  Provide best value for tax dollars and fees.
• Continue to evaluate alternative funding mechanisms for infrastructure maintenance.
• Increase trust and confidence in City government through resident engagement.  Provide customer-friendly services and fees.


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ACTION STEP 1: : Outsourcing related strategies for city services/programming through service agreements - 7 votes

• Rental Inspection Program -> Area Home Inspection Companies  
• City Arts Commission -> QC Arts (or similar)  
• City Parks & Rec Department music events -> RME (or similar)  
• GIS (CED or PW) -> Bi-State Regional Commission  
• CIRLF -> Area CDFI 
• CED Residential Rehabilitation Programs -> RI Economic Growth Corp (or similar) 
• Continue consideration of Illinois American Water  

Responsible Department: CED, Public Works, Parks  
• The results of a neighboring community’s look at possible outsourcing of inspections services did not identify savings/efficiencies. Other options still being investigated.
• Arts funding for 2021 was not designated for a specific program allowing for more flexibility.
• Bi-State is unable to assist with GIS services but they are coordinating ongoing discussions with local Illinois municipalities to explore the possibilities of a regional GIS. The regional GIS will likely offer no monetary savings but may offer enhanced services.
• American Water awaiting the results of the rate study.
• Department Directors are tasked with exploring these and other outsourcing issues. Council will receive reports with recommendations by June 2021.