Preservation Videos

Visual Presentation

Take a journey of discovery to learn which historic structures are protected by the city’s Preservation Ordinance, the surprising ones that aren’t, and how it is determined which buildings are worth protecting. This visual presentation, created by the Rock Island Preservation Commission in 2004, features images of nearly all Rock Island Landmarks and includes footage from several historic neighborhoods. Themes include why it is important to preserve historic structures and how to go about preservation. There is strong emphasis on the criteria needed for buildings to be designated Rock Island Landmarks. Viewers will also be treated to a dozen images of dramatic buildings that no longer grace our city's streets. Several interviews were taped, including former Mayor Mark Schwiebert, and former commission chairs Linda Anderson, Daryl Empen and Diane Oestreich.

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Educational Version (approximately 13 minutes long)
Presentation Version (approximately 26 minutes long)

Demonstrations are Available

The Preservation Commission is happy to take this video presentation "on the road" to your group or classroom via VHS or DVD demonstrations. A Commission member or city staff member will accompany the presentation.