List of Suggested Details

Suggested Details for Landmark Nomination Report

This list is a guideline of information to include in the landmark nomination report. Applicants probably will not be able to locate answers to all of the items listed since there are gaps in historic resources available. Although these are the kind of items the Preservation Commission will look for when reviewing a nomination, the Commission will not expect applicants to be able to provide them all.


  1. Architectural style
  2. Description of unique architectural elements
  3. Construction materials
  4. Date of construction
  5. Name of architect
  6. Name of contractor
  7. Description of building elements: number of stories, roof shape, window shape, porches, etc.
  8. Alterations or additions to structure
  9. Missing or removed architectural features
  10. Important accessory structures or landscapes


  1. Important people associated with the property
  2. Important events associated with the property
  3. Property as it relates to the development of the community (Rock Island /rest of Quad Cities)
  4. Relationship to significant period of history


  1. Placement or location of property within Rock Island
  2. Relationship to other properties of similar architectural style and time in history
  3. If it is a unique or unusual structure for Rock Island
  4. Identifiable visual feature in the community

Executive Summary

  1. State how each of the criteria is met in a qualitative, but factual way. Provide justification, pulled from the nomination, on the significance of the person, architecture or event.