Age Limits

Golf Patron Age Guidelines

For the safety of younger players and other golf patrons, the City of Rock Island Parks & Recreation Department has adopted the following guidelines:

  • Minimum age to play unsupervised is nine at Saukie, 11 at Highland Springs. Child may play with parent or other adult at age six at Saukie, age eight at Highland Springs. All children under the minimum age not playing in a Parks supervised league or activity must be accompanied by a parent or other adult. An older sibling does not qualify if under 18 years of age.
  • Children four and above may walk (or ride) along with adults upon payment of a fee ($5 for kids under 18). Walk-alongs are not players but will be allowed to putt or hit an occasional shot if properly supervised. If, in the judgment of the course personnel, the walk along or ride along is really a player, they will be asked to provide a greens fee receipt. The adult with the walk along is responsible to keep the child close and under control at all times. Groups with walk along or supervised children players must maintain pace of play and are subject to all normal rules and requirements.
  • It is recommended that parents with small children or beginners choose off peak playing times to minimize problems. Contact the golf shop for help in choosing the right time.