Special Assessments

Payment & Billing Details

The billing of special assessments is handled by the American Bank for the City of Rock Island.

  • Bills are mailed annually at the end of December and are due January 15.
  • Each assessment is billed in 10 installments. No interest is added to the first installment. Each additional installment (2 -10) is one-tenth of the assessed amount, plus applicable interest on the unpaid balance. Interest is accrued daily, and late fees can be added for any billed amount not paid by the due date.

Note: If the assessment is paid in full with the first installment, no interest will be added.

Location / Mailing Address

Payments can be made at any American Bank location or mailed to:

American Bank and Trust
4301 East 53rd Street
Davenport, IA 52807

For More Information

Balance or payoff information can be obtained by calling American Bank at (563) 344-9500 ext. 2917.