Magill House (Dr. William T. Magill)

715 20th StreetMagill House


Rock Island Landmark, 1992; Broadway National Register District, 1998

Significance Statement

Cube Italianate with original and unusual porch details and high integrity.

Architectural Style


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Broadway; 20th Street

Architectural Description

Built circa 1867, this early home is a fine example of the Italianate cube. The style is defined by a simple hipped roof and square shape. The highly ornamental wood lattice porch is seen in very early photographs of this house. Brick window lintels with decorative limestone keystones cap the front and side windows. The front door is original, as are two shutters in the center second story window.

Dr. Magill

Dr. William T. Magill was the original owner of the house and lived here for 42 years. Magill was a local dentist with a practice in downtown Rock Island that he established in 1857.


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