Citizen Involvement

Help keep the City and water sources clean. A few simple ways to help in day-to-day activities include:

  • Report non-emergency type pollution problems to the Public Works Department. For emergency pollution problems, such as major spills, call 911.
  • Never dump anything into the street or down a storm drain. They flow directly to creeks, streams, and the Mississippi and Rock Rivers.
  • Utilize the Refuse and Yard Waste Drop Off Center.
  • Properly dispose of household hazardous materials including paints, solvents, cleaners, weed killers, insecticides, and other chemicals.
  • Collect oil and other automotive products, and recycle or properly dispose of them.
  • Wash vehicles at a car wash facility or on a lawn instead of in the driveway. Use biodegradable soap.
  • Keep automobiles and gas powered lawn mowers or blowers well-tuned so that they are not dripping toxic fluids or emitting toxic fumes.
  • If a spill or leak occurs, properly clean up the spill and properly dispose of the clean up materials.
  • Do not use chemicals on lawns before it is expected to rain, and try using organic or slow-release products, which are better for lawns and for the environment.
  • Make sure air conditioners are in good working order and not leaking harmful chemicals.
  • Direct downspouts away from paved areas.
  • Clean up pet waste.

Environmental Programs

Getting involved with an environmental program is another way to help protect the City’s environment. Programs include: