Abandoned Vehicle Division

The Community Service Officer of the Abandoned Vehicle Division is responsible for:
  • Investigating abandoned vehicle complaints
  • Maintaining all computer records on abandoned vehicles
  • Working with local tow company in maintaining abandoned vehicle inventory

Abandoned Vehicle Procedures

Currently in the City of Rock Island, any vehicle that sits idle on a public street for more than 72 hours is considered abandoned. Once a Report a Complaint online form is received or the abandonment procedures are started, the Community Service Officer will:
  • Chalk the tires of the vehicle, check the mileage, and leave notification on the vehicle.
  • Re-check in 72 hours to see if the vehicle is still there and check the mileage.
  • If there are no changes the vehicle will then be tagged, a ticket will be issued, and a certified letter will be sent informing the registered vehicle owner of the tow notice.
  • Seven days later, if the vehicle is still in its same location and the mileage hasn’t changed, the vehicle will be towed.