Exterior Home Inspection Checklist

Exterior Property Requirements

Whether purchasing a new or used home or condo or before renting out or letting a rental unit at some time before occupancy the owner/tenant/ landlord should check it out for deficiencies. During a simple walk around a unit one could miss some very important deficiencies or flaws.

The Inspection Checklist can be used as a handy crosscheck when inspecting the exterior of ones own home or a rental unit. Using a qualified building inspector is usually recommended for all home purchases.
The Inspection Checklist provides a crosscheck list of minimum life safety elements to review upon inspecting the exterior of any structure. It is not all-inclusive. It does not provide a detailed list of what to check for with each item. All review elements on this Checklist cite the section of the International Property Maintenance code that is enforced as adopted by the Rock Island City Ordinance.

This checklist is not all inclusive and is not meant to replace a professional inspection by the City of Rock Island Inspection Division.