Ride the Slides

The Rocket 

After getting to the top of the stairs and waiting to hop aboard The Rocket, enjoy the scenic view of the Quad Cities and Mississippi River as you get ready to take an exhilarating waterslide back down. Lie down and get ready for the time of your life going through a fast S curve. Just when you think this ride is almost over you will be picking up speed for back to back spirals, one to the left and the next to the right, immediately getting dumped into the plunge pool at the bottom.

Small kids, at least 36 inches tall, can ride this waterslide with their parents and wear one of our provided waterslide lifejackets.

The Zephyr

A favorite of many, the Zephyr is a heart pounding fast ride that starts off with a dark tunnel and goes through a waterfall before opening up into a full spiral and S curve. This ride is ridden with a one or two person tube, although the regulars will tell you the secret to going really fast is to ride double with the heavier of the two on the back. This slide is definitely worth the long walk up to the top to race down again and again, as the excitement never wears off.

The Express 

The Express drop slide is a steep and fast waterslide not for the timid or faint of heart. Riders must be able to pass the deep-end swim test to ride. The slide is short, but the moment in the air before hitting the water will make your adrenaline rush long after you land in the water.

The Cannonball 

The Cannonball is a covered drop slide that is sure to test your courage when looking down the tube from the top. Riders must be able to pass the deep-end swim test to ride, as the slide spits you through the air like a cannonball shooting into the water.

Tot Slide 

The Tot Slide is a great beginner slide for the small kids ready for some water excitement. They can climb up the back and slide down the waterslide into the shallow end of the pool. There they can either be caught by an adult waiting for them or land on a soft pad on their own. Either way, once they experience this good time, they will ask to slide down again and again.