Election Information

The Seven Wards of Rock Island

Municipal elections are held in odd-numbered years, and terms of office expire every four years. Registered voters in each ward elect an alderman. Seven wards comprise the geographic area of the City of Rock Island. Each alderman is required to be a resident of that ward. 

Municipal Election - April 6, 2021

The positions of Mayor, Alderman Ward 1, Alderman Ward 3, Alderman Ward 5 and Alderman Ward 7 will be on the April 6th, 2021 Municipal Election ballot.  View Ward Map.

Race Candidate Name Candidate Address
Mayor Michael Thoms
​Thurgood Brooks
4205 14 Street, Rock Island
​726 17 Street, Apt 1, Rock Island
Ward 1 Alderman Jason R. Hayes
​Moses Robinson, Jr
1330 15 Street, Rock Island
​924 6 Street, Rock Island
Ward 3 Alderman Jeffery D. Westerfield
​Judith Higgins Gilbert
1414 32 Avenue, Rock Island
​2301 20 1/2 Avenue, Rock Island
Ward 5 Alderman Laurie Figley
​Dylan Parker
2845 11 1/2 Avenue, Rock Island
​817 22 Street, Rock Island
Ward 7 Alderman David Geenen 1852 41 Street, Rock Island