IL Law Enforcement Accreditation Program

The Illinois Law Enforcement Accreditation Program is an ongoing process whereby trained assessors from peer agencies across the state of Illinois evaluate policy and procedures against established criteria. These criterion are then verified by an independent and authoritative body, the Illinois Law Enforcement Accreditation Council.

Accreditation prospects must meet a high set of standards that represent a level of quality service and delivery. The established professional standards along with an evaluation for compliance to those said standards are the two fundamentals of the accreditation program. The accreditation program is broken down into two comprehensive tiers: Tier one, consisting of 71 standards of evaluation; and Tier Two, consisting of 180 standards of evaluation.

Tier One

• Achieved

An on-site assessment of the Rock Island Police Department was conducted by assessors from the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police in February, 2013 for Tier one accreditation. These representatives performed inspections, audits and a thorough evaluation of police department policies and procedures, measuring them against established industry and state standards of professionalism. At, the completion of the assessment, the Rock Island Police Department was recommended to receive Tier One accreditation status with this recommendation later being accepted by the Illinois Law Enforcement Accreditation Council.

On September 9, 2013, at the Rock Island City Council meeting, Chief Jeffrey R. VenHuizen accepted an accreditation certificate from ILACP Executive Director, John Kennedy awarding the Rock Island Police Department Tier One accreditation level.

In meeting these standards it has:

• Raised our level of professionalism
• Improved quality service to the public
• Reduced the possibility of successful litigation

Tier Two

• Achieved

The Rock Island Police Department was awarded Tier Two status on January 1, 2014. Tier Two is a much more in depth critic taking Tier One to the next level. Tier Two is the final level of state accreditation.
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