Lindberg House (Dr. Conrad Emil Lindberg)

3826 7th AvenueLindberg House


Rock Island Landmark, 2003

Significance Statement

High-style Queen Anne home associated with nationally important Lutheran pastor.

Architectural Style

Queen Anne

Construction Date

ca. 1895

Architect / Builder


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Dr. Lindberg's Significance

This property is associated with Dr. Conrad Emil Lindberg (1852-1930), a person of national and international importance in the development of the Lutheran Church in the United States and in the theological education of Lutheran pastors in this country. Dr. Lindberg served as the Dean of the Augustana College Seminary in its early years, and he made a major contribution to the status of Augustana College and Seminary as an educational institution. His teaching and writing were responsible in large part for the acceptance by Swedish Lutheran Church leaders of the theological education provided at Augustana.

Dr. Lindberg also served as the first Chief Editor of the Augustana Observer, the first English language newspaper in the Augustana Synod. Lindberg, through the publications he edited, helped bridge for many Swedes the difficult problem and tensions created by a two language emigrant population. With the rapid progression of Americanization, Lindberg undoubtedly sensed the urgent need for English within the church.

King Oscar II of Sweden decorated Dr. Lindberg with two prestigious awards: Knight of the Royal Order of the North Star (1901) and Commander of the Royal Order of Vasa. Bishop of Visby, K.G. von Scheele, conferred the Royal Order of the North Star on Dr. Lindberg and also visited his home.


The Dr. Conrad Lindberg House is an outstanding example of the Queen Anne architectural style with its variety of decorative wall finishes and corner tower. As a Free Classic subtype it displays Tuscan order front porch columns, porch roof pediment and a Palladian-style window on the attic level.


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