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Central Fire Station

Built in 1969, Central Fire Station covers northwest Rock Island, including the area south from the Mississippi River to 18th Avenue, east from the Mississippi River to 24th Street, downtown Rock Island, and Longview Park. 

The following vehicles are housed at Central Fire Station:

District 31: 2010 Ford Expedition. This is the Battalion Chief’s (BC) vehicle. Each BC is responsible for command of all fire incidents that occur.

Truck 31:  2013 1500 GPM Pierce 105’ Aerial Ladder with a waterway. Truck 31 responds to all fire calls in the downtown area and also serves as a basic life support (BLS) engine when responding to assist on medical calls. Other equipment carried on all engines includes general firefighting appliances such as hose and ladders, hand and forcible entry tools, 4 Scott SCBAs (air packs), a 4-gas monitor, and a thermal imaging camera. Truck 31 also carries water and ice rescue equipment.

Ambulance 31: 2012 Medtec Ambulance. Ambulance 31 serves the area west of 24th Street and north of 31st Avenue, and Southwest Rock Island. Ambulance 31 provides Paramedic level, advanced life support care. Ambulances also operate on fire calls within the City and are staffed with firefighter/paramedics who participate actively in all fire ground operations.

Rescue 31 : 2010 Alexis Rescue. Rescue 34 responds to all motor vehicle accidents, hazardous materials incidents, and technical rescue operations within the City. Equipment includes the “Jaws of Life”, airbags, and rope rescue equipment. Rescue 34 also responds in territory to all EMS calls and is certified at the advanced life support (ALS) level of care. 

Other Equipment: Central Fire Station also houses the department’s reserve engine and ambulance.

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