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Public Works


The Public Works Department Mill Street facility is home to the following:

  • Public Works Administration
  • Fleet Services
  • Engineering 

Public Works Administration provides the general supervision, planning, and management of the Public Works Department.  The major responsibilities include street maintenance, solid waste collection, production and distribution of drinking water, collection and treatment of wastewater, stormwater management, municipal engineering, fleet maintenance, electrical maintenance, right-of-way maintenance, flood levee maintenance, and the Sunset Marina.

Fleet Services maintains a parts inventory, preventative maintenance, scheduled and unscheduled repairs, and body shop services for the City’s fleet and other governmental agencies that contract with the City for these services.  Fleet Services also provides preventative and unscheduled electrical maintenance for City owned traffic signals, street lights, facilities, mobile radios, and accessories.

Engineering provides accurate cost estimates and preliminary layouts for projects being considered for inclusion in the Five-Year Capital Improvement Plant (CIP).  They also provide accurate, professional plans, specifications, and inspections on construction projects.

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