Storm Water Utility

Storm Water Rates and Credits

All developed properties in Rock Island pay a Storm Water Utility charge based upon an estimate of the property’s impervious area. Impervious areas are hard surfaced features such as rooftops, driveways, sidewalks, patios, parking lots, and awnings.

Stormwater Utility rates are included on the monthly or quarterly City utility bills whenever possible.

Storm Water Credits

The owners of large properties may be able to reduce Storm Water Utility charges by the construction and maintenance of on-site storm water management facilities (such as detention basins) designed to reduce runoff quantity or improve runoff quality. If the facilities meet the requirements of the Rock Island Storm Water Credit Manual, the Storm Water Utility charge will be reduced.

Customer Service

Any customer who believes that the City has made an error in calculation of the Storm Water Utility charge should contact the Public Works Department for an explanation of the charge. If that explanation is unsatisfactory, the customer may file a formal written appeal according to the process defined in the Stormwater Utility ordinance.

The Storm Water Utility fund pays for City staff, equipment, supplies, infrastructure maintenance, levee maintenance, emergency repairs, engineering services, construction projects, project reviews, field reviews, ordinance enforcement, and more.