Rental Inspection & Compliance Process

Scheduling the Inspection

After the residential rental fee has been paid, the owner or designated agent calls the Inspection Division to schedule the inspection of the rental unit:
  • Inspection Division will schedule the inspection appointment with the owner or designated agent only.
  • Rental inspections are conducted Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. The Inspection Division will schedule the inspection at a day and time that is agreed upon by the owner/agent.
  • Owners should provide tenants with notice prior to scheduled inspection.
  • 24 hours’ notice is required if an owner/agent must re-schedule or cancel a scheduled inspection. If owner or agent fails to appear or cancel 24 hours in advance, a cancellation fee will be assessed.

Conducting the Inspection

On the scheduled date and time of inspection, the owner/agent will meet the Inspector at the front entrance of the building housing the rental unit. Upon meeting, the owner and Inspector will then proceed to the unit to be inspected.

The Inspector will conduct the inspection, complete an Inspection Checklist and provide a copy to the owner/agent. Photographs will be taken during the inspection.

If the inspector verifies code compliance, the owner/agent needs to take no further action. If there are violations to be corrected, the Inspector will explain them to the owner/agent and describe the corrections that need to be made. A Notice of Violation letter will be issued. The owner will be granted a reasonable amount of time to comply. The owner/agent is required to call the Inspection office to schedule a re-inspection of the rental unit once the work is complete. The first re-inspection is conducted at no charge to the owner. Additional compliance inspections are $55.00 each.

Issuance of Notice of Violation

If a property owner/agent receives a Notice of Violation, this means that the property did not meet minimum life safety requirements in accordance with the City’s Building Codes and Ordinances. The property owner/agent is responsible for obtaining permits and completing the repairs within a reasonable amount of time in order to avoid imposition of fines and possible revocation of the Rental License. Issuance of the license does not release the property owner/agent from responsibility for correcting code violations. (It is the intent of the City to gain code compliance using all available methods provided for through codes and legal procedures as adopted by the City and available at law).

It is important that the property owner/agent communicate any progress or delays to the Inspection Division and an established time frame will be deemed acceptable in pursuance of compliance.