Rain Gardens for Rock Island Program

Very Popular and Beneficial

Rain gardens are popular because of the many benefits they provide to the environment which are lost with conventional lawns. They can reduce flooding, absorb pollutants, regenerate the water table, promote natural cleansing of storm water, and sustain wildlife.

The Rain Gardens for Rock Island Program is intended to enhance neighborhoods and educate the citizens of Rock Island on the benefits of rain gardens.

City Reimbursement

The City will reimburse citizens based on the total square footage of the rain garden at the rate of $4 per square foot. If a rain barrel can be incorporated into the rain garden, the City will supply one free of charge.

How to Participate in the Program:

Part 1

  • Carefully review the application materials.
  • Complete the application with a sketch of the proposed rain garden.
  • The City will review the application and meet with the property owner to discuss the proposed garden.
  • The City will send an approval to begin building the garden.

Part 2

  • Build the rain garden that was approved by the City.
  • Contact the Public Works Department if there are any questions about the rain garden.

Part 3

  • Notify the Public Works Department when the garden is completed and ready for an inspection.
  • A member of the Public Works Department will meet with the property owner to inspect the completed garden.

Visit the City's Rain Garden

Please visit the rain gardens (Lily garden, Native Plant garden, Shrub garden, Butterfly garden, etc.) located at the Public Works Department, 1309 Mill Street.

Yearly Awards Program

The Rock Island Beautification Commission holds a yearly Rain Garden Awards Program, which recognizes the efforts of citizens taking part in the Rain Gardens for Rock Island program.