Firefighter of the Year


Lieutenant Andrew Pratt is the Knights of Columbus 2020 Firefighter of the Year. Lt. Pratt was nominated by his peers for his outstanding accomplishments. The following is the nomination letters submitted to Fire Chief Yerkey and the Knights of Columbus:



I would like to take this opportunity to nominate Lt. Andy Pratt for the 2022 Knights of Columbus Firefighter of the Year.  Lt. Pratt has been a steadfast member of the dept for over 15 years.  His leadership abilities as a company officer has made his crew at Central Station one of the most dependable and consistent teams to work with.  His leadership has yielded a crew with a high level of esprit de corps, as well as safe and effective fireground performance.  Lt. Pratt has also undertaken a larger role in training the MABAS 43 HAZMAT team in vital and often overlooked specialty activities.  Beyond that, Lt. Pratt has become a diligent fire investigator, often coming in during his off days to assist the Fire Marshal or other investigators.  In addition, he also took the initiative, using his own personal time and resources, to acquire certification as an Arson Investigator in 2019.  Lt. Pratt is a well respected and efficient officer, and is consistently going above and beyond the standard. 


Thank you for considering this nomination.


FF Tom Drummond