Fire & Ambulance

Protect Life and Property

Through a dedicated, professional workforce, the Rock Island Fire Department strives to provide for personal and economic security to the community it serves. Through the delivery of services and programs, the Department protects life and property in the community from the adverse effects of fire, medical, environmental, and other emergencies, both natural and man-made. They give the highest level of service possible with the level of resources provided to the Department, in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.


  • Protect the life, property, and environment from injury and damage due to fire, disaster, and other emergencies;
  • Protect the community with the greatest value for its investments through effective management and a professional workforce;
  • Enhance community involvement and public image.

A Proud and Growing Tradition

The Rock Island Fire Department was first created in 1855 as a volunteer department and grew to become a paid department in 1891. Since then, the Department has grown to 57 full time employees at four fire stations strategically placed throughout the City. The Fire Department provides both fire suppression and emergency medical services at the paramedic level.

Services Provided