Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid VehicleSaving Gas & Energy as a City

The City of Rock Island went green in January 2008 and purchased 24 new, fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles including:

  • 21 Honda Civic hybrid-electric cars from Zimmerman Cars of Rock Island in cooperation with American Bank and Trust and the State of Illinois Treasurer’s Green Rewards rebate program
  • Three Ford Escapes

About the Green Rewards Program

Rock Island is the first Illinois community to use the fleet purchase provision of the Green Rewards program. The program offered $1,000 rebates to Illinois residents and communities who finance hybrid or other fuel-efficient vehicles at participating Illinois lenders. The rebates offset the higher, upfront cost of hybrids and reward buyers for reducing carbon emissions and gas consumption.

The Honda hybrids cost $23,235 each, which is significantly higher than comparable gas-fueled cars. But with the state’s $1,000 rebate, a federal tax rebate, and other deal discounts, the City paid $18,765 per vehicle.

Projected Impact of the City's Hybrids

The City projects it will reduce its carbon-dioxide emissions by 50,000 pounds a year and save about $76,000 in fuel costs over the 10-year life of the cars. The savings was figured using an average of 7,000 vehicle miles a year, a $3.25 per-gallon gas price for 2008, and an average 5% annual price increase through 2017.

The vehicles replaced those used by the public works, fire, and community and economic development departments and police detectives.