Environment Impact Policy

The City of Rock Island recognizes responsible environmental stewardship as part of its mission in serving the citizens of this community. The City’s environmental policy will create long-term environmental benefits and improve the overall quality of life.

Elements of the Policy

Key elements include the following:

  • Environmental leadership
  • Funding support from outside grants and other sources
  • Communication / Education / Training
  • Periodic audits of the environmental impact of City facilities and processes
  • Develop and implement energy-efficient practices
  • Promote sustainable programs and practices
  • Promote green construction and development

Benefits of a Sustainable Environment

A sustainable environmental future means the City of Rock Island will:

  • Minimize environmental impact when choosing locations for new projects
  • Reduce community energy consumption and costs through efficient and healthy buildings
  • Promote multi-modal transportation systems linking neighborhoods and business districts
  • Promote sustainable products, including green building materials, high-efficiency building equipment and vehicles, alternative fuels, organic / locally produced food, and more
  • Effectively manage stormwater
  • Maximize the use of renewable energy sources
  • Encourage recycling
  • Maximize the use of environmentally friendly products

Plans for Updating the Policy

To continue making strides toward increased environmental sustainability, the City of Rock Island will regularly review and update the Environmental Impact Policy to include new technologies and best practices.