Yard Waste Collection

All City residents may dispose of yard waste at the Refuse and Yard Waste Drop Off Center. However, residents may also choose to subscribe to the Yard Waste Collection Program, which provides yard waste pickup by the City for $100 per season. This charge will be applied to the property owner’s City utility bill. Multiple neighbors may share a single subscription as long as the yard waste is placed in one location.

Collection Schedule

Yard waste and brush will be collected one day per week through the season which runs Monday, April 3, 2023 through Thursday, December 7, 2023.    

Signing Up for the Program

Residents may subscribe to or cancel the Yard Waste Collection Program at anytime. Subscription fees and/or cart fees will not be prorated. Once your application is processed you will receive a letter with the dates of the program and your pickup day.

To cancel the Yard Waste Collection Program, please fill out a Voluntary Service Cancellation and return it to the Finance Department at 1528 3rd Avenue.

There will be a $25 service charge if a customer reapplies for the Yard Waste Program within 12 months of cancellation. 

Collection Requirements

Residents who subscribe to the Yard Waste Collection Program must place yard waste in either yard waste bags or a yard waste cart that customers may rent from the City at an additional cost of $50 per season.

Leaf Collection Program

If you are a Yard Waste Collection Program participant, your leaf bags can be picked up on the regular refuse collection day and on the regular yard waste collection day.