Refuse Collection

Refuse Truck Dumping Cart

Associated Fees

The City of Rock Island collects residential refuse once a week. A refuse fee with the following charges will be applied to your City utility bill:

  • Single-family home: $11 per month, $33 per quarter
  • Duplex: $22 per month, $66 per quarter
  • Triplex: $33 per month, $99 per quarter
  • Fourplex: $44 per month, $132 per quarter

Collection Schedule

Refuse trucks run Monday through Thursday and follow a Refuse Collection Schedule.


The Holiday Collection Schedule will indicate if collection will be delayed due to a holiday.


Refuse Carts

The City provides every dwelling unit with one refuse cart at no charge. 

Additional refuse carts may be rented from the City for $11 per month and is billed $33 per quarter on in the property owner's utility bill.

To cancel the use of an additional cart, please fill out a Voluntary Service Cancellation and return it to the Finance Department at 1528 3rd Avenue.

Refuse carts are owned and maintained by the City. The Public Works Department will replace stolen refuse carts and repair or replace refuse carts damaged through normal activities. The customer will be charged for the repair or replacement of refuse carts damaged due to customer negligence or abuse.

The total weight of the refuse cart and refuse must not exceed the maximum weight shown on the refuse cart lid.

Refuse Cart Placement Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when setting out your refuse cart for collection:

  • Leave a gap of at least three feet between carts.
  • Place cart one foot from the curb or alley and at least three feet from any obstacle such as a parked vehicle, utility pole, or mailbox.
  • Place cart with the wheels and handle towards your home.
  • Cart lids must be closed.
  • Refuse that could damage the cart, refuse truck, or that is prohibited for disposal in the landfill must not be placed in refuse carts. These materials include:
    • Rock, concrete, and asphalt
    • Hazardous waste (such as paint, cleaning supplies, pesticides)
    • Flammable liquids
    • Hot ashes or coals
    • Yard waste

Carts must be placed at the designated collection point no later than 7:00 am on collection day. Carts must not be placed at the designated collection point earlier than 8:00 pm the day prior to collection, and they must be returned to the storage area no later than 12:00 noon the day after collection.

Refuse employees reserve the right to reject any carts that could potentially damage the truck or do not meet compliance standards.