Vacant, Abandoned, and Foreclosed

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In order to comply with the Foreclosure and Vacant Property Registration Ordinance, Ordinance No. 053-2020, the City of Rock Island has implemented an in-house program for Owners/Mortgages/Trustees to register their vacant, abandoned, and/or foreclosed properties. The City was previously partnered with ProChamps until the company closed in June of 2023

To register online, click here

Registrations can also be mailed in with payment. Printable forms are available here. 

Vacant: any building or structure, that is not lawfully occupied or inhabited

Abandoned: any building or part of a building which has deteriorated to be-come a dangerous building, unsecured and open to trespass

Foreclosed: Mortgagee/Lien Holder terminates or attempts to terminate property owners right to obtain property title due to a debt or lien

Registration fee for EACH property is $300 every 6 months

Registration does NOT exonerate the owner from compliance with all applicable codes and ordinances, and does not preclude any of the actions that the City is authorized to take pursuant to this or any other code or statute.

Failure to properly register or modify the registration to reflect a change of circumstances is a violation of the City Ordinance and is subject to enforcement by any of the enforcement means available to the City.

For more information regarding vacant properties, click here.

Questions, comments or concerns can be directed to the Inspection Division by phone (309-732-2910), email ( or in person at City Hall. The Inspection Division is located on the second floor.