Community Garden Program

2018 Community Garden Picture

Program Purpose

This program takes city-owned parcels that would otherwise sit as vacant lots and turns them into productive spaces for the community. For years, access to gardens has helped residents grow their own food closer to where they live. It is also a way that people of diverse backgrounds can come together through the shared experience of tending gardens. In 2018, program participants produced over ten tons of food valued around $65,744 on 4.34 acres of land.

Community Benefit Refund

A program participant may apply for a full refund of their leasing fee if they are able to demonstrate that they donated at least half of their harvest to a non-profit organization, food pantry, or similar entity that benefits the community by reducing hunger and food insecurity among low to moderate income citizens. The application for the refund shall be made available by Staff starting on November 1 and must be returned no later than November 30. Should the application be accepted, the refund will be made in December

Program Fee

Sites 10,000 square feet or larger cost $70 and sites smaller than 10,000 square feet cost $50. All sites require a $20 deposit. The deposit is returned to participants in December who have complied with all community garden policies including cleaning the garden at the end of the planting season.

Availability and Terms of Lease

For the year 2023, there are 25 garden sites available in a wide variety of sizes. Sites are leased according to the order of preference in the Program Policies, but generally are available on a first come basis to qualified applicants. Applicants are required to attend an orientation meeting in early May to review the Program Policies and lease agreements are signed at that time. Leases run from early May to November 30. Leases are available for no more than one season at a time.

The Application Period for 2023 begins on March 1 and ends on 
 April 28, 2021. No applications after that time will be accepted. 

Program Documents

Community Garden Program Policies- English
Community Garden Program Policies- Kirundi

2023 Community Garden Locations
2023 Community Garden Program Application
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