Internship Program

The Rock Island Police Department offers internships to college students on an ongoing basis. The Rock Island Police Department is committed to providing a structured internship program for students from various educational institutes. Benefits of an internship include college credit for work experience and training. Intern’s help the Department carry out many vital support functions.

Due to the nature of police work and the time frame of internship, it is hard to predict specific experiences that the intern will receive. Internships are typically composed of 80% observation and 20% actual work. Interns will spend time in each area of the Department.

The Intern selection process includes the following:
  • Letter from the student or college requesting consideration into our internship program explaining the requirements that will need to be fulfilled through the internship (total hours needed, preferred dates, specific interest, ect.)
  • Resume or information sheet about the student.
  • Three references.
  • Background check on the student.
If interested in the internship program, please contact Sgt. Dytanya Robinson by phone at (309) 732-2502 or email.